What is RoseTTAFold?

May 18, 2024

AI-based prediction tool RoseTTAFold has provided a major scientific breakthrough in the last four years in the area of computational drug development.

About RoseTTAFold:

  • It is developed by researchers at the University of Washington, U.S.
  • It uses generative diffusion-based architectures (one kind of AI model) to predict structural complexes.
  • The tools’ neural networks use massive amounts of input data to produce the desired output — the three-dimensional structures of proteins.
  • It uses deep learningto quickly and accurately predict protein structures based on limited information. Without the aid of such software, it can take years of laboratory work to determine the structure of just one protein.
  • It is a "three-track" neural network, meaning it simultaneously considers patterns in protein sequences, how a protein's amino acids interact with one another, and a protein's possible three-dimensional structure.
  • It has the capability to predict not just static structures of proteins and protein-protein interactions but also their ability to predict structures and interactions for any combination of protein, DNA, and RNA.