What is the Sagar Manthan dashboard?

March 24, 2023

Union Minister for Ports, Shipping (MoPSW), and Waterways recently launched the Sagar Manthan dashboard.

About Sagar Manthan dashboard:

  • It is the real-time performance monitoring dashboard of MoPSW.
  • It will have all the integrated data related to the ministry and other subsidiaries.
  • The platform has been developed completely in-house under the guidance of the Secretary, MoPSW, in the span of fewer than 1.5 months.
  • Features of the dashboard:
    • Data visualization;
    • Real-time monitoring;
    • Improved communication;
    • Data-driven decision-making;
    • Increased accountability;
  • It also promotes real-time project tracking, risk management, resource allocation, and progress reporting.
  • The dashboard in the future would further be integrated with Input from the CCTV camera, Live streaming from Drones, and AI-based Algorithms.