March 26, 2020

Is there any public health/epidemiological significance to the 21-day lockdown period announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?


  • There is scientific basis and epidemiological significance for the 21-day lockdown period announced by PM Modi.

  • In epidemiological terms, the logic is that we have arrived at an incubation period of 14 days. Give another week for the residual infection to die out, for the tail end, to be entirely safe, and you arrive at 21 days.

  • This being a new coronavirus, they have estimated that the median incubation period (the time between the entry of virus to the onset of symptoms/ disease) falls within this period.

  • In fact, 21-day quarantines have been discussed elaborately in the context of Ebola and the calculations are based on the estimated incubation period of the virus in a human host. 

Source : The Hindu