June 28, 2019

India has signed a loan agreement worth 400 million dollar with the World Bank to help treat and eliminate Tuberculosis from the country.

Features of Agreement: 

  • The World Bank supported program will support the government's National Strategic Plan to end TB in India by 2025.

  • Coverage: It will cover 9 States of India.

  • Timeline: The $ 400 Million loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) has a 19-year maturity which includes a 5-year grace period.

  • Strategy of the Program:
    • To provide financial incentives to private sector care providers for reporting cases of TB and ensuring that their patients complete the treatment regimen.

    • To provide Direct Benefit Transfers to patients for acquiring the critical nutrition needed during treatment.

    • To strengthen the detection, treatment and monitoring of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis and track progress in the detection of additional drug resistance.

Source : PIB