April 28, 2020

This year, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work will focus on addressing the outbreak of infectious diseases at work, in particular, on the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • What is it? It is an annual international campaign to promote safe, healthy and decent work.

  • What is safe, healthy and decent work? to ILO, a national occupational safety and health culture is one where –
    • the right to a safe and healthy working environment is respected at all levels,

    • governments, employers and workers actively participate in securing a safe and healthy working environment through a system of defined rights, responsibilities and duties, and

    • where the highest priority is accorded to the principle of prevention.

  • Observed on: 28 April (every year). 28 April is also the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers organized worldwide by the trade union movement since 1996.

  • Observed by: The International Labour Organization (ILO). This celebration is an integral part of the Global Strategy on Occupational Safety and Health of the ILO, as documented in the Conclusions of the International Labour Conference in 2003.

  • Observed since: 2003.