Oct. 18, 2020

Bogibeel, India’s longest rail-and-road bridge throughout the Brahmaputra, had in December 2018 introduced the 2 banks of Assam nearer by greater than seven hours. A ‘zero Rajdhani’ train via this 4.94 km bridge has now brought the people of the 2 banks closer to New Delhi by more than 100 km.


  • The 02505/02506 between New Delhi and Dibrugarh on October 12 is technically not a Rajdhani, a superfast train whose number starts with 2 while those of mail express trains start with 1. The zero makes it a special train, the likes of which are operated temporarily.

  • Railway officials said the special ‘Rajdhani’ could be the first of its kind, deviating from the definition of such trains – connecting the national capital with the capitals or nearest largest city of the States.

  • The train bypasses Guwahati, Assam’s principal city and the original terminal for the Rajdhani, by some 50 km.

Source : The Hindu