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Feb. 24, 2022

Distinguish between revivalist and reformist movements in the context of 18th century reform movements in colonial India.

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18th century reform movements aimed at all round regeneration of society on the basis of modern ideas like humanism, rationalism etc.

Revivalist reform movements-

  • These movements relied to a greater degree on the lost purity of religion they sought to reform.

  • Revivalist movements appealed more to tradition than reason and conscience.

  • These movements aimed to demonstrate that ancient Indian socio-cultural ideas were progressive and rationalist.

  • Examples- Arya Samaj movement, Deoband movement, Wahabi Movement etc.

Reformist movements-

  • These movements relied more on reason and rationalism in accepting or rejecting a social custom or religious tradition.

  • Reformist movements were influenced by the modern Western ideas in the socio-cultural sphere like equality among genders, freedom of choosing life partner etc.

  • Leaders of these movements, though accepting modern western ideas, refused to model the society blindly on western lines. They aimed at modernization not westernization.

  • Example- Brahmo Samaj, Aligarh movement etc.

Both revivalist and reformist movements helped in furthering socio-religious reforms in the society, which ultimately led to the rise of a modern and progressive society.

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